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  • Ashley Berry

It's 2021 is Traditional Media Dead?

Television, Newspaper, Magazines and Radio used to be the core of a great marketing plan. Is it the right fit for your small business?

Do you as a consumer of information spend your time watching television, reading the paper, flipping through a magazine or blaring local radio? The answer is different for all of us.

"We can't focus our marketing on just one platform. Each business has an ideal customer, we have to deliver their product or services to the customer. Wherever they consume information."

You might be surprised to hear the "social media girl" support the idea of a local media buy. But, to be honest, depending on the client, I do.

Know your audience. Understand your customer.

Understanding your customer is more than merely looking at a chart with age and gender demographics. Interacting with customers at point of sale, via in person sales or online is one easy way to learn more about who is actually spending their money with you.

Often times we work so hard to get the sale, we stop short of understanding the who, what, why of the transaction. Did they buy a gift? Is the product a need or a want? Did they shop around first? Did they trust an influencer review? The more we ask, the more we learn.

Who asks these questions and how do they ask? Well, there are a few ways, none of which are easy. You could do post sale surveys, a couple questions in the checkout process or, you could simply gather the customer email and let the professionals do the rest. The most valuable asset you brand has is your customer email database. But, I digress.

The point of this post is to engage your mind in where you can best reach your customer. If your customer consumes traditional media, then meet them where they are. If you services are most often googled, meet your customer there. If you customer spends time consuming daily news via newspaper and radio, meet them there. And, if your ideal customer does a little of all of it, maybe you should too. The truth is, there is no magic formula. There are formulas, there are secrets, there are tricks, but nothing beats your relationship with and understanding of YOUR CUSTOMER.

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