We Do Social. 

At Social Smash Up our goal is to take your small business from socially awkward to a smashing success. 



Social Media Management

Each client has unique and specific goals. We work one-on-one with your team to set goals, make a plan, monitor progress and evaluate results. From research to content creation, post scheduling, to creating ads and managing campaigns. We customize a plan to fit your specific needs. 


-Brand continuity

-Content creation

-Content calendar

-Post scheduling

-Ad creation

-Ad campaign management



Website Management

Most of our clients already have a website but need a little help keeping it fresh, updated, full of content and Google friendly. Our team works with your existing platform to manage current SEO, monitor and update, create a strategic and achievable goal. 

SEO is the best way to keep your business at the top of Google search results. Minor details in page titles and content can make a big difference in how easily customers find your website. We also can refer you to great local partners who specialize in advanced SEO and targeted campaigns. 

We also build basic websites for new businesses. If you only need a landing page, a little about what you do and how clients can contact you, we can help! If we discover your website project is more in depth and you need super custom work with tons of options, we have a great partnership with a local agency who does all of that "stuff." 




Sometimes you need a person to bounce ideas off of, ask questions about LinkedIn or how often you should be posting to Instagram. Or maybe you have a fabulous website but are struggling to create the proper content to improve SEO...we offer hourly consulting to identify your needs, advise your team and make referrals to great local agencies who can help. 

From graphic design to how to best share digital files with others, what local magazine to advertise in or how to promote your upcoming open house, we are here to provide advice and our resources to maximize your potential! 

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